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Alada Tee Rak Chef


This is Alada. ‘Tee Rak’, Thai for “My Love,” describes Alada’s love for the unique and delicious flavors found in Thai and ‘North’ food.

Growing up in a small village outside of Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand going out to eat was a very rare treat and Alada dreamed of one day being rich enough to eat at KFC for every meal. Her mom, still cooking back home every day, was her teacher and she learned the traditional ways of cooking Thai cuisine as well as ‘North’ food. Her mom’s first questions when Alada calls home are “did you eat?” and “was it delicious?”

Alada’s palate and cooking skills evolved when she moved to Bangkok for University. After a few years of university and living away from home Alada learned even more from kitchens and street carts of Bangkok.

In 2020 Alada was tricked into moving to St. Louis by the love of her life (other than food, of course) and, upon arriving, discovered that Thai food in St. Louis is not how they do Thai food in Thailand. She didn’t like that.

Thai Food Buffet
Yellow Curry Chilis and Ginger
Shrimp Pad Thai

Alada might have her own spin on a few things but you’ll never find her filling space with cheap ingredients that don’t belong, so you’ll never find a single baby corn in her Pad See Ew. Every dish is made with love and, often, a healthy portion of profanity.

Tee Rak is starting small but, like Alada, has big dreams.


Tee Rak: My Love

Moo (หมู): pork
Gai (ไก่): Chicken
Neuua (เนื้อ): Beef
Goong (กุ้ง): Shrimp
Khai (ไข่): Egg

Zaap: spicy and delicious
Alloy: delicious
Mak: a lot
Mak mak: a whoooooole lot
Mak Tee Sud Nai Lok: the most ever!

Mai ow: I don’t want
Kabkhun Krab/Kha: Thank you

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